Feeling disgusted by someone

Today in school during CCA (co-curricular activities), we have a trainer. Pottery. Actually this has been going on for like, 4 or 5 weeks by now? I don't really know. But, when we are doing like our pottery stuff, the first person that he will come to is me.

I have no idea why! Its just always me.

And by what my friend had notice, he keeps looking at me when explaining how to do things.

After finding out that he is always coming close to me, I just have a feeling that I might get sexually abuse or molested by him.

He is always smiling at me and what can I do?Smile back of course...

From what my friends think is that he is quite nice and friendly. But from what I think, he is a pervert, a jerk and an idiot.

Who likes a guy who is like, 30-year old? Guy?!I mean for kids like 11 to 18.
By the look of him, it's always bugging me. Seeing him every week makes me worry more.

It just gives me a feeling that I'm getting raped by him anytime. Ick... I hate that. Whats more is that I'm underage!

But he is quite nice sometimes, he always praises me about my quality of work.

Just put yourself in my shoes. Unless you are a pervert, which I believe all of you are not, you will not like the look of him.

He always laughs like an idiot. That creepy sound of laughter, like a witch.

Most of the time I get used to friendly male teachers. But for once, this is the only teacher that I freaked out by him the most!

The way he looks at my friends, especially me, it creeps me out even my friends are gossiping about this pervert they call it.

Here's my advice for you if you're in the same situation as me: Stay away from men.

Just stay away, don't get close to them. Especially men who are like 30 and above. If its like teens then you just have to be careful. I'm not a teenager girl, I'm a student.

Like I said, don't be foolish and fall into those men traps.