10 Ways to Spend Time with your Mother on Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day guys! And if you guys have no idea what to give or do on Mother's Day, then I will show you how to do it!

1. Pamper your Mother.

Go pamper your Mother like she did when you were young. Go shopping with her, spend a fortune on her on that day. But just a small amount of fortune. I'm not saying that you should spend millions of dollars on her, just a few hundred or thousand if you are rich.

2. Go to the Movies!

Go out with her at least. That is the second most basic thing anyone could do to treat your Mother. And you are not the one who is supposed to decide which kind of movie or what movie you and your Mother want to watch, let your Mother decide, since it is her day.

3. Make a Memory Movie

If you want to show some sincerity to your Mother, then this is the most professional item you can make for your Mother. Pick out some memorial photos or video snippets and put all in one using the 'iMovie' if you are using Mac or 'Windows Movie Maker' or 'Windows Movie Maker Live' if you are not using Mac. 

4. Go out for a Little Trip

If you want to go to Paris or USA, then you can but if you are on budget, then go to famous places in that area you are living and spend time together if you are an outdoor person. Or you can go for a little road trip if you want or a stay cation!

5. Make Deserts or Food by yourself!

This is like the most fun part, create any dishes you want! Cook up a dish like...

  • Mushroom Cream Spaghetti
  • Rainbow Cake [My favourite]
  • Chocolate Chip Cream [Starbucks]
These are some examples of dishes you can make by yourself for your Mother. I would recommend this tip as this shows sincerity since you did this yourself. It would be best if you do not know how to cook and you try cooking.

6. Say 'I Love You'

This is the most basic and simplest thing you could do to show your Mother how much you love her. Give her a hug and tell her that you love her, how she treated well and give her a kiss, a motherly one.
From what I know, my friend did this to her Mother and after she told her how much she had done to get to this stage, her Mother burst into tears of joy.

7. Teddy Bears!

If your Mother loves to cuddle but you got no time to give her a hug, then give her teddy bears. I know this may sound like you are giving a teddy bear to your girlfriend but I think it works. If you want to do this, please pass to her with a note that says how much you love her and so on. So that your Mother would think that you are sincere.

8. Make a Poem for her

If you really don't want to spend anything on Mother's Day for your Mother or your Mother doesn't want you to spend anything on her on Mother's Day, then write her a poem.

There are times only when a Mother's Love
Can understand our tears
Can soothe our disappointments
And calm our fears

There are times only when a Mother's Love
Can share the joy we feel
When something we've dreamed about
Quite suddenly is real

There are times only a Mother's faith

Can help on life's way
And inspire in us the confidence
We need from day to day.

For a Mother's heart and a Mother's faith
And a Mother's steadfast love
Were fashioned by the Angels
And sent from God above...

You can use this if you want!

9. Sing a Song to your Mother

If you are a sing-song person, then I would recommend you to do this because you can show your Mother sincerity and at the same time, release your talent.

Best of both worlds!

But if you want to sing a song for your Mother, you must be relevant to Mother's Day.

10. Write a card.

This is not time consuming and free, if you want. Just tell her how much you love her. This is like the easiest thing anyone could do.

I really hope you could pick out some tips to spend your Mother's Day with your Mother.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers out there in this big world!

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  1. These are so cute! I actually just made a handmade pop up card for my mum! But I'll try some of the ideas here cause her bday is on July! Thanks for these lovely ideas xx

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn