Turning into a FASHION BLOG!

Hello guys!

I was actually planning to just surprise you with like pop, this is a fashion blog.

Recently, I deleted my fashion blog because I don't really like it.

So since this is my main blog and the only blog I'm going to change this blog into a...



If you read my fashion blog which is deleted right noe, I was just posting websites photos which is not really a good thing.

To me.

ButI really wanted to make a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog. 3 in 1.

So I have decided...

After my PSLE, which is in end os September and early October, I would be editing thing blog into a very pretty fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog.

And I would post fashion, lifestyle and beauty videos on my Youtube channel.

So right now, if you are reading this, I have changed my header into a very simple one, just to add a little bit of colour into my blog slowly.

And then after my PSLE, I will transform this blog into a professional blog.

Honestly, I love blogging and vlogging, writing. I love all and that's why I'm going to do this.


Right now, I need your help. Can any of you tell me how to sign up for an AdSense account, a fresh one? I have sign up for an account on AdSense and it is waiting for approval right now and it failed...

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