New Website at WordPress!

Okay seriously, leaving this blog would be the worst thing ever but I have new website on WordPress.

The website is called :
I would change the domain once I'm 20 years old.

But basically, I would still be writing on this blog until I can pay for that monthly domain thing which is at the age of 20 years old.

I would write on the WordPress blog as well, but it is quite advanced, just giving a tips and a few, also I would be posting fashion, beauty and lifestyle there!

So please, check that out, it would be great if I have a few views on that website first.

I have not uploaded any blog post yet, except for that auto post WordPress has written for me.

It is something like Zoella's  blog but not really that colourful as hers. And not like Tanya Burr's blog, mine is just a newbie blog.

The first blog I would post is 'How to get Skinny'

But before that I would just blog a simple introductory about the blog website.

I know that my latest post has been a blast, Mother's Day, but I want to upgrade myself, I can't live with the boring design that I am seeing. 

It's horrible to see it and it is horrible to leave this blog in a few years.

This is a so called 'preparing to say goodbye' blog.