Birthday Yesterday!

My family and I went to Lawrys yesterday, I hope I had the spelling correct. Anyways, I went there for my dad's birthday. The food was in large portions and I could not finish most of the food so I gave it to my mum.

And then my mum's friend and her husband was there with us at Lawrys. Because she wanted to go shopping with my mum so I kind of join in the shopping spree. Lol.

I had the salmon, mashed potatoes, vanilla ice cream and mushroom soup. Its just four dishes but it's in very large portions, only the cake has the smallest portion.

I also had bread with butter, quite small too.

So after our dinner, the cake come which was so small and my does not want it, so my brother ate it. He is only like 8 years old.

Right after our dinner, we obviously paid $500 for the dinner instead of $600 as we had a discount from UOB. Lucky!

Oh I forgot, Lawrys is located at Orchard Road in Singapore, Mandarin Gallery. I forgot which level it is located, I'm sorry!

So we paid and we went off to H&M to buy my black dress, I wish I had a photo to show you... I chose a dress which is a long V-neck and my dad doesn't like me to attract 'bees' if you know what I'm saying. So I change to a plain long sleeve black dress, size 34.

I also got another black dress with tartan design, short sleeved.

Okay here's the scary part, when I was paying the 2 dresses, a couple broke up a fight and was screaming all over the place. I know, it's stupid. It turns out that the man was nagging at the girl. WTF!!!

Security guards came and chase them out of H&M. I was scared back then, really scared. I wish Niall was beside me, wishful thinking guys!

After I paid, we got out of H&M and the moment I turn around, guess what I saw. One Direction new song PERFECT!!! I was freaking out back then. Holy shit!

I felt so blessed that I was on cloud nine, until my mum pulled me away from the screen.

Right so thats the dinner for yesterday's birthday. Lots Love!

Cookie Mckenzie