Life as a primary 5 student

Bullying, teasing, praising, it all occurred on me.
I'm a student leader, a prefect, vice-president of the art club. Some may kind of respect me, but most of them do not.
I'm known as Cookie McKenzie on youtube, but in real life its another name.
Sometimes we just have to bear with the bullying. In primary 4 I was not much into the bullying but when it comes to primary 5, I became one of the victims.
Some boys will maybe accuse me for doing something like injuring classmates or anything, instead of hearing me out, my classmates chose to believe them.
I always wonder if my bullies bribed them.
Whatever accusing or bullying happens recently, it will affect my studies.
Once in my exams, from an A grade to a D grade. Which the accusing occured during that period.
I'm sort of a being hated in class but I still have own joy with some friends, 2 of them are real friends. The rest are just temporarily.
We always meet in the canteen in school and I'll just follow them. Sometimes they follow me but seldom.
But now, the bullying and accusing seldom happens on me somehow. I don't know why but it just happens.
I don't make that many friends cause I'm a quiet girl, but I can be very open as well if I'm quite energetic.
During Thursdays and Fridays I'll have long days. Only on Thursdays, I will have a one-hour break at the end of the day. During that period, my and my friends will just go to where the piano is located and play it. I'm a music girl!
As all fan girls, I like One Direction. Some of you may hate them but IDC! Oh yeah and Calum Hood from 5SOS (5 Seconds of Summer)
My class knows that I love 1D and they will kind of make fun of them.
I just hate it.
Like most schools, we all have crushes on each other. I have a crush but he's been taken. I don't really care about him right now since he is having a good time with the girl of his dreams.
Like all girls, I just wish I can have a boyfriend soon.
Enough talking right now, I have a fashion blog which I had no time updating it. But since its the holidays...I can update more!
Tell me what style would you like to see in my fashion blog.
You may comment here!
Once again, my name is Cookie McKenzie. Hope to update more about my life in future!