End of the school's academic year 2015

First of all, I would like to thank all my primary 5 teachers, Mr Ram, Mdm Yeo,Mdm Norain, Mdm Kaur, Mr Low, Mdm Hanifa, Ms Sng and so on. Pardon me if I forgot the rest of my teachers.

Anyway, my teachers changed me and my classmates from our own talents to abilities. Especially my mathematics teacher, Mr Ram. He made my grades jump from a D grade to an A grade, told what is the tactics to score well in subjects even though he is a math teacher. Hope you will be my math teacher next year!

I seriously don't know how to show my gratitude to you but I just have to say thank you for all your support. Even we were misbehaving in class, you still did not give up on us and made our learning journey fun. We still have a major examination, PSLE, to go through and then our primary school life is done.

My goal is to achieve at least top 3 positions in my class, I hope I could do that...

Just 1 more year left and we are done. I can't believe how time flies so fast!

I promise, I will work triple hard and get good grades for my examinations and prelims and my major examination, PSLE.

Some of my classmates went for foundation. I wish them the best, pass your foundation subjects with flying colours, make your teachers, school and your love ones proud.

For my classmates who are taking standard subjects with my, I hope I could ace my subjects with all of you, passing with flying colours and go to good secondary schools.

I don't talk that much actually but I just want to say, all the best for your future, make your teachers, your school and your love ones proud, we all have a bright future, I know it, just work hard and you will achieve your dreams.

In life, there is no level of difficulty. It all depends on you, whether you will become a doctor or a lawyer, a actress or a singer, it depends on you. Life is unpredictable.