Friends. Are you having depression?

Imagine if you were playing catching with your group of good friends and one of your good friends calls you a betrayer when you did nothing wrong? After that you lose all your friends and you are all alone, have you ever felt that way before?

This is what my friend told me, she says that she loss all her friends beacause one of them called her a betrayer and everyone slowly moves away from her. Now, she thinks that everyone in my class hates her.

That's not true girl. Not everyone hates you.

Friends are very important to humans, or even living things! Like, lions and tigers... I don't know whether they have friends, all I know is
that they have mates.

They make you boost your confidence, both of you or a group of good friends share deep secrets that you kept in your heart for a long time and you finally want to let it out to yiur good friends, they make you feel comfortable if you want to start a conversation.

If you want to have friends, then start of with, talking to someone you already know but not so close. Have a deep chat! But you can't be good friends overnight. Some people may get suspicious and thinks that you are trying to stalk them, make them comfortable.

Sometimes, when you have no friends and you have no one to talk to, it might end up leading to depression after that. It sometimes 'forces' to kill yourself.

I don't have many friends, that's why I'm writing. My classmates thinks that almost everyone in my class is my friend, but do they even ask me about my life? Do they even care about me walking everywhere on earth? No, I only have 2 true friends who cares about me.

I love them, as a friend of course, so much that I could do anything for them if they were kidnapped.

Everyday I hang out with them in school during recess, after recess I just talked to random classmates when I bored in class. I mean, I'm a human, I have feelings and everyday I'm quiet. I stick to 3 more girls who seldom talks to me. They talk about anime and other shit that's all. In my class, I have no friends. If that answers your question my friend.

Raise your hands if you're going through the same thing as me or no friends!

I feel that I'm just a soul that walks around the globe. People didn't care like I'm just some
cloud of dust, I told no one but myself. I told no one about this situation. When my dad ask me if I am doing good in school, I will tell him that I'm fine.

The thing is that I'm not.

There was once that I wanted to end my life and end it once and for all. I wanted to die so badly that I cut myself everyday. Don't worry I have stopped now.

Tell me your 'friend' story if you want to share with me via Email.
If you want to have somebody to talk to, you can always come to me and talk to me via email or hangouts.

See you later people! Love you lots!