Haven't seen me in a while right?

I've been searching on Vlogs and Vlogging lately and when I watch those vlogs, I was thinking whether I should make a vlogging channel or not.

So I have decided to become a vlogger.

I just want to tell people about my life, I really want to.

Honestly I just want to be the next Zoella. She is amazing abd I just want to become like her.

So basically I would be just vlogging and doing beauty stuff.

One more thing.

I may be changing to another website, from blogger to wordpress.

I think this blog is really dull and I don't know how to edit it.

I think wordpress is more exposed to other things like designs and pages.

I want to become a beauty blogger and a vlogger so this blogs are just startups.

Because I want to make money for my family, make sure that I repay them by treating them well, buy a big house for them to live in. Things like that.

Also I would do some pranks and stuff, of course you can't be just focusing on vlogging!

I would be vlogging next year 1st of January 2017

My YouTube channel is
Cookie Mckenzie

My vlogging YouTube channel is
Cookie Mckenzie Vlogs

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I'm stopping the Niall Horan fanfiction that I'd started on YouTube, I'm sorry...

Well, that's all I have to blog about.

I will be editing my blog if I can, if I can't then I will just have to change to WordPress.


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