Cool Kids

Have you ever heard the song 'Cool Kids' by Echosmith? Pardon me if I spelled it wrongly. If you haven't go hear it!  It's nice. By the way I just enlarged my font so you do not have to squint your eyes to read my story. 

As you can tell by the title it is about Cool kids. It's about a day when the cool kids in my class wanted me to play with them. Read on if you want to know more!

So basically, it was after school. Most of them stayed back to wait for the school bus to arrive, and I was one of them. I was waiting for my friends, not really my friends but I just hang out with them which is boring. But they took a long time and I was like, never mind just go down and play your phone. And I did went down to the canteen.

When I went to the canteen, I placed my bag down and took out my phone to play when a boy in my class, he is like the boss of the class also a cool kid in my class I call him, he asked me whether I wanted to play catching with them. Catching each other is a game. And I was quite surprised at first, but then I calmed down and said 'Yes' so I played catxhing with him and other friends. 

I feel like I'm one of them though, *laughs*

It was the first time that I was invited to play with them. I was alone, my best friends are in different classes and they were also playing catching with their classes. So I was alone, the girls that I hang out, they went tl their friends. So I walked to this friend, I don't wish to mention her name, I told her I was lonely and she said, "Sit lah." We were Singaporeans thats why we talk like that.

And I sat, with other familiar faces. They were eating and chatting, I chatted with them too and it was great. I found out that one of the girls liked Adam Lambert, I love him!

And when we went back to class after recess, I told my friend, the same girl who ask me to sit, that I was alone. My best friends are like playing with their own classes and I feel so lonely by myself. She said that, by the way she is also a cool kid to me, I am always welcome to join them. 

This is the beginning guys, and 
I'm invited to them! Well so called invited, but don't you think that is great?

So all the lonely people out there, don't be afrafraid to approach to someone and say, "Hey, let's chat and be friends," Do it people! You might feel awkward but it is a good thing, someone you could talk to...

But beware, don't make friends with a pervert. Unless you a pervert, please don't make friends with a pervert. 

I'm sorry!

By the way, I'm writing songs as well! I wish to release it but I don't have a spotify account and I can't make my song into MP3 so, never mind.

Give me topics to write about and I will sure write. 

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I'm so sorry this is a short story but it means a lot to me though :)