Apologies for my disappearance

I'm back! And I need to apologise for my disappearance over the last, 4 months.

So I was basically preparing for my PSLE, although it is occurring in September or early October I think? Anyway I was preparing for it and I totally forgot all about this blog. I know, call me irresponsible.

Until I saw one of my friend's youtube channel , Cassara Heng, (search for her name and subscribe to her) and I told her to do a blog about herself and her youtube channel and some other stuff that she wants to write about. Plus, that day was today.

What I also want to say is that if you want to be a popular blogger like Naomi Neo, you have to blog regularly, which I can't.

And I don't want to talk about fashion anymore, it's too girly for me. I am not trying to discourage you from fashion, I'm just saying that I may do girly fashion but more on the trends.

Right now I just want to focus on my studies and reach for my goal. My goal? 255 and above. I want to go to my dream school which is NJC (National Junior College) IP (Intellectual Programme)

Singapore is a really stressed country, you have to get good results in order to get into
a good school. Like, A1 is the best for O-Levels. A1 is one point, A2 is two points. Assuming you are taking your O-Levels result slip and you have all A2. You get 12 points, which you will go into a very bad JC.

In order to get into a good JC, you must at least get 6 points and above. Including your CCA, which will minus 2 points, it will be 4 points which is excellent.

So maybe I will be blogging on Tuesdays, not every Tuesday, like once every 2 weeks. About there...

I have a YouTube channel, I said it like a zillion times! Okay, my YouTube channel is called Cookie McKenzie, check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to me please...

When I'm ready, I will reveal my face. Right now, I'm just doing 1D fanfics and imagines. By the way, I'm on a Youtube break.

If you're a 1D fan and you want to have your own 1D fanfic, email me. (Email at the bottom)

I hope you won't hold a grudge on me, bye my wonderful readers!

Cookie Mckenzie
Email: cookiexniall@gmail.com