7 tips for a successful interview!~

This is a 'give you tips' blog post so if you are a primary 6 student or a person who is going for an interview and you want to apply for a DSA but you don't know how, then here are some tips that will help you to have a successful interview!

But first, seven tips for a successful interview

1)Observe proper etiquette
Be neatly dressed and well-groomed!

2)Be prepared for the interview
Picture the interviewer asking you a basic question that comes out from his or her mouth and picture yourself answering the question and answer the same thing during the real interview.

Do NOT reel off your answer in a canned fashion style, interviewers detest that.

It's important for you to have anticipated interview questions and prepare well for them-- trick is to deliver your answers in a spontaneous manner.

3) Answer naturally and sincerely

4) Smile readily
Eases your nervousness and tenision and it also makes you more confident and approachable.

5)Make eye contact with the interviewer!
Do NOT make him or her feel uncomfortable by staring at him or her ALL THE TIME!

6) Do NOT rush to an answer
Hey, it's okay to package your response in the clearest, most concise and mkst compelling style.

7)Never forget to thank the interviewer after the end of the interview!

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